ABC's Robin Roberts talked with Elizabeth Edwards who expressed her support for Barack Obama

Partial transcript

ROBIN ROBERTS: You know, It's a big week on the political trail once with Senator Clinton and Senator Obama coming together -- campaigning for the first time later this week. I don't have to tell you about the long nomination process and the hard feelings. Can these two truly work together, do you think?

ELIZABETH EDWARDS: I really think that they can. I mean -- slips in language will always be a problem and the press will always focus on that. If you pay attention to Hillary Clinton's speech when she withdrew from the race, I think you saw an enormous amount of graciousness at that point. I think that ability, by both candidates -- one former candidate and our general election nominee -- if we keep that same feeling going, I think we have a great capacity to heal the bitterness that might still exists. I think this is going to to happen, I think it will happen before the convention and we'll go into the fall with a united party.

ROBERTS: Last month when your husband endorsed Senator Obama many noted that you did not. They did not hear from you and they have a feeling that maybe you did not back him like your husband did. Is that the case? And are you backing Senator Obama now?

EDWARDS: I'm backing Senator Obama. I expect to work as hard as I need to -- as I'm called on to do to make certain that he is the next president. I'm already working with this team with respect to health care, trying to make certain that we get the message out about how much difference it will make in individual American's lives if we have a president with the ideas and the vision that Senator Obama has. As opposed to the same sold same old, same old that Senator McCain is suggesting we can live with. I don't think we can.

This video is from ABC's Good Morning America, broadcast June 23, 2008.

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