Senator Russ Feingold told Democracy Now's Amy Goodman that he may join with other Democrats to filibuster proposed FISA legislation.

Partial Transcript

GOODMAN: Senator Feingold, will you filibuster this bill?

FEINGOLD: We are going to resist this bill. We are going to make sure that the procedural votes are gone through. In other words, a filibuster is requiring sixty votes to proceed to the bill, sixty votes to get cloture on the legislation. We will also—Senator Dodd and I and others will be taking some time to talk about this on the floor. We’re not just going to let it be rubberstamped.

GOODMAN: Would you filibuster, though?

FEINGOLD: That's what I just described.

This video is from Link TV's Democracy Now!, broadcast June 24, 2008.

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