On Monday, June 23, Fox News personality Laura Ingraham declared that Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has been endorsed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

"In our 'friends like these' department, the unsolicited endorsements keep piling up for Obama," she said. "First, it was Hugo Chavez, and then it was the modern day band of merry men Hamas. And let's not forget the Jack Lalanne of totalitarianism, Fidel Castro. Now it's, drum roll, please, the one and only contestant in North Korean Idol, Kim Jong Il, ladies and gentlemen."

Ingraham's program displayed a graphic of Kim Jong Il's face under the title, "(Obama Supporter)," with a number of bullet points and a "fun fact" about the dictator.

RAW STORY has more details here.

This video is from Fox's Just In with Laura Ingraham, broadcast June 23, 2008.

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