NBC's Chuck Todd told Dan Abrams that Barack Obama will meet with Hillary Clinton at her D.C. home tonight.

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ABRAMS: chuck todd, our political director joins us on the phone right now that broke the story. what do we know?

TODD: we know the obama campaign thought it would be in the best interest to keep the media circus from following him around and it's a pretty clever trick. whoed the press corps on the plan and the plane is taking off on the runway and senator obama is not on it and antennas went up everywhere. kud dose to our folks who quickly alerted us before the blackberry service got shut down and we were able to quickly confirm. having a meeting with her now.

ABRAMS: is this an unplanned meeting. is it fair to say this is, this was expected?

TODD: i'm still working on more details of when they decided to have the meeting. i'll be honest, news is coming fast. one would assume that they, you don't say this last last minute. everything has been coming together quickly. no doubt it was an idea today and needed to have this face to mace meeting. it was important for obama and her. this will only help her help her speech on saturday, help everybody sort of digest it better knowing that they are having this meeting tonight and without the media glare. then they can decide which swing state to have the joint endorsement meeting. i still think that's the next thing, we have hear dropping out on saturday saying good-bye to supporters. the final event in this will be where zz obama choose to have the unity event where she raises his arm. that's an important visual message.

ABRAMS: lee cowen telling us they had the reporters wait for 45 minutes on the plane before they took off without senator obama. and as you point out chuck, it sounds like it was a little bait and switch so the media would be up in the air while barack obama is sitting in hillary clinton's home.

This video is from MSNBC's Verdict, broadcast June 5, 2008.

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