Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama declared his full fledged support for Israel Wednesday, accusing Republican John McCain of following a policy that has endangered the US and the Jewish state while ignoring diplomatic approaches that could lessen the threat from Iran.

Obama reemphasized his plans to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq while maintaining that he would do "everything" possible to protect Israel and pointedly keeping military action against Iran on the table. The Illinois senator accused McCain of offering a "false choice" between staying in Iraq and ceding ground to Iran, and he said the Iraq war and other policies of the Bush administration have made America and Israel less secure.

Opening his speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Obama sought to correct false impressions of him that have been spread through scurrilous e-mails, some falsely accusing the candidate of being a Muslim and not caring about Israel's future.

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This video is from, broadcast June 4, 2008.

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