's nice to see the case of Glenn Murphy, Jr. resolved during the campaign season. It's a reminder that the GOP ranks are rife with Republican Sexual Hypocrites, perpetrating their sexual and criminal deviant behavior while presenting a pious, judgmental image to the public. (Courier-Journal):

The former chairman of the Clark County Republican Party pleaded guilty today to criminal deviate conduct as part of an agreement that could result in two years behind bars.

Glenn Murphy Jr. was arrested after authorities said he performed oral sex on a sleeping man following a July 28 party at a home in Jeffersonville.

...Murphy, who was also chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, resigned from both posts when the allegations were made public in August.

At the time of the criminal sexual activity, Murphy was at a party and spent the night on the top bunk in one of the bedrooms. At some point the predatory former Republican official decided to take advantage of the 22-year-old man in the lower bunk and

The man said he awoke at 6:40 the next morning and found Murphy performing oral sex on him, according to the document.

The man told Burton that he pushed Murphy away and left. Two days later, the affidavit said, the man met with Murphy and secretly taped a conversation during which Murphy apologized and begged him not to report the incident to police.

I don't know what Murphy thought was going to happen; after all, it wasn't the first time Murphy's mouth ended up on someone's privates while they were asleep. He had a prior arrest for sexual battery. Here's the 1998 Clark County police report for your perusal (click to enlarge):

Ah, schadenfreude.