Why can't these fundies just do their flipping jobs? Ashleigh Haberman and Erica Schaub were married in Canada. They went to Spectrum Health South Pavilion Urgent Care Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Schaub, accompanied by Haberman, sought care for a nagging cold.

They went into the exam room and instead of a diagnosis and advice, once Haberman identified herself as Schaub's partner, the couple got an earful about same-sex marriage.

But instead of her symptoms, they say the doctor was more interested in the couple's relationship and how they felt about the recent California ruling allowing same-sex marriage.

"And he proceeded to give his opinion on how he felt that marriage, gay marriage, shouldn't be called a marriage because it's a religious based word, and he's a Christian, and there's no way that marriage could be considered legal in the gay sense," said Haberman.

While the couple's marriage is not legally recognized in Michigan, they say that's not the point, rather, the doctor's office is not the time nor place for a debate. They were there for an exam - not a lecture on lifestyle.

WOOD-TV News has the video. As a result of the brouhaha, Spectrum Health put out this public statement:

"Spectrum Health takes the care and treatment of its patients very seriously. We expect our physicians and staff to provide high quality care in a professional manner. We received an e-mail concerning a patient visit this morning and we have begun a thorough investigation of this matter. We will review all aspects of this issue. Once this is complete, we will take appropriate action. We are just beginning this review of this matter and must follow the laws protecting patient confidentiality and the rights of employees. Therefore, we will not comment further at this time."