A plywood lawn sign reading "N***** President Bullshit" is causing offense and anxiety to residents of a neighborhood in Harris County, Texas, outside Houston.

A team from KHOU 11 News found the man who put up the sign on a weed-infested empty lot and asked, him, "Don't you think that sign upsets people?"

"I hope to hell it does," he answered, trying to shove their camera away. He also called it "a pretty good joke."

"Whoever did that is a racist," one neighbor told the news team.

"They're hatin' on Obama," concluded a man who does not live in the area but often drives by the sign.

The area is mainly Anglo and Hispanic, but the news team found one black resident, who told them, "I can't believe they put that on there like that."

11 News checked with their legal expert and found that the sign "doesn't violate any ordinances. It is simply a matter of free speech."

Houston civil rights lawyer Gerald Treece explained that "the First Amendment gives you, on your property, the right to say what you want to say," and the sign makes no threat against Obama that would interest the Secret Service.

This video is from KHOU 11 News, broadcast June 12, 2008.

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