Fox's Chris Wallace talked with Gov. Ed Rendell about Barack Obama's support for FISA legislation that would effectively grant retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies that might have broken the law.

Partial Transript

WALLACE: On the one example of FISA, several months ago, he said he would lead the filibuster if there was an effort to strip the -- to allow immunity for the telecom companies. Now he's voting for the bill that gives them that immunity. That's a pretty big switch.

RENDELL: When you're in the Senate, you have to weigh the entire bill. The bill on FISA was court supervision of wiretaps. That's a huge victory for individual rights in America. Senator Obama believed that was more important, that he had to go along and vote for it even though it didn't have the immunity provision or did have the immunity provision, but he has pledged later on in the Senate to try to strip the immunity position.

This video is from Fox's Fox News Sunday, broadcast June 29, 2008.

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