KATU News 2 reports:

"A substitute teacher is accused of calling two students terrorists during class last week."

"'That's never been said to me before by, like, a teacher,' said Amit Teja, who is a sophomore at Camas High School."

"'He comes up to us and says, 'Are you guys doing your work,' and we're like, 'Yah, we're doing our research,' and then he was like, 'Shouldn't you guys not be researching it, shouldn't you guys be blowing it up, you terrorists,' said Simran Dhillon, the other student involved."

"Officials at Camas High School said they are investigating the incident. They have interviewed the students involved, the teacher and other students that were in the classroom. They said that until the investigation is complete, the teacher will not be back."

This video is from KATU News 2 Portland, broadcast June 4, 2008.

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