NBC's Chuck Todd reports the Democratic National Convention will announce that the final day of its convention will take place in

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LAUER: This morning the Obama campaign is getting set for a big announcement. Chuck Todd is NBC's political director. August 25, the Democratic convention set to start in Denver, colorado at the Pepsi Center, which is basically a basketball arena. Now the rumbling is that on the night that Barack Obama actually accepts the nomination, they're going to move across the street to Invesco Field, a 70,000 seat facility, a football stadium. What are you hearing?

TODD: Well, later this morning on they're going to announce that this what they're doing. They're going to cut short the convention. Three days in the Pepsi Center and do this last night at the football stadium. As one balm put it to me, "Why give a speech to 17,000 donors when you can give a speech to 80,000 democrats?" So, it's only going to add to the rock star atmosphere that Obama likes to create at all these things like we saw on the night that he laid claim to being the presumptive nominee where he did it in the facility that the Republicans will nominate John McCain in Minnesota.

LAUER: So this is a lot about a visual. 70,000 screaming cheering, Democrats holding signs on the 45th anniversary of the Dr. king "I have a dream" speech.

This video is from NBC's Today Show, broadcast July 7, 2008.

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