MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell and Mike Barnacle talked with CNBC's Jim Cramer about energy solutions that would ease oil prices. Cramer welcomed the idea of offshore drilling and nuclear power in close proximity to his residence.

Partial transcript

BARNACLE: You know what I find annoying about the whole oil discussion, debate, argument, is that whenever the idea or the prospect of offshore oil drilling is raised or drilling in Alaska is raised, they start showing pictures of Santa Barbara in 1971. Don't we -- haven't we had improved technology since 1971?

CRAMER: American companies have developed -- I don't want to say anything's fool-proof, but we have developed over the last series of years the technology that would make that kind of Santa Fe, the union oil spill that had to do with a pressure valve that's completely fool-proof, and know that because everybody around the world is using it except for us. The Democrats keep mentioning 1969. Maybe we should mention Titusville, 1859. It's incredible what a mess that was! Come on!

MITCHELL: Mike, do you want it off the coast of Nantucket?

BARNACLE: I don't care where they drill.


BARNACLE: I want wind tunnels out there and everything.

MITCHELL: They wanted to put wind in nantucket and people went crazy.

BARNACLE: Listen --

CRAMER: We are such a nation of wimps, whiners --

MITCHELL: Whiners!

CRAMER: No, I'm talking about the people who stopped drilling. Drilling is something that everybody in the world is doing. We're telling everyone to drill. We are such elitist to tell people, you drill. Us? No, our coasts are pristine. My buddy Jon Corzine, he says it would be outrageous. I've got a beach house right on the beach in Ocean Grove. I want a well right next to me. I lived next to nuclear power, by the way, in Sacramento. Hey, what did it do to me? I say we should have nuclear power.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, what did it do to you? Exactly.


MITCHELL: You're going to fly off the handle --

CRAMER: I've got to tell you, radiation never hurt anybody.


This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast July 11, 2008.

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