(Reuters) Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak condemned on Monday an incident captured on video in which an Israeli soldier fired a rubber bullet at point-blank range at a bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainee.

"The Israeli military will investigate the incident, learn its lessons and hold those responsible to account," Barak said in televised remarks to legislators in his Labour Party. "Warriors do not behave like this."

The incident occurred three weeks ago during protests in the Palestinian village of Nilin against the construction of Israel's barrier in the occupied West Bank.

A video, taken by a villager and released on Sunday by the Israeli rights group B'Tselem, showed a soldier firing his rifle toward a Palestinian detained at the protest. The rifle appeared to have been modified to fire rubber-coated metal bullets.

The protester had been tied up and blindfolded and was standing only a few centimetres (inches) away.

Obama told Moran that he would still oppose the surge if he had it to over again.

This video is from Reuters, broadcast July 22, 2008.

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