At a press conference in Warren, MI, John McCain praised Al Gore's efforts raise public awareness about climate change.

McCain said, "I've long admired an appreciate Vice President Gore's positions and efforts on behalf of climate change and I think he was appropriately rewarded in many ways include the awarding of the Nobel prize for his efforts. I've worked with him. I've had discussions with him. I agree with his sense of priority and we may have some nuance differences -- in other words -- on some of the specific issues like I place much greater emphasis on nuclear power than Vice President Gore does but I am with him. I took on this issue early on and have had hearings and have had strong disagreements with the Bush administration on this issue. Senator Joe Lieberman and I went to the floor and had votes on cap and trade which I still strongly support. So, I'm proud of my record and I am very proud of Vice President Gore for continuing his efforts to keep this issue before the American people because I do believe that the National Academy of Sciences is correct when they say that greenhouse gas emissions are generated by human activity and could effect this planet and on which we exist. So, I agree with him and I thank him."

This video is from, broadcast July 17, 2008.

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