MSNBC's Dan Abrams talked with Former Bush aide Brad Blakeman, political commentator Ron Regan and Democratic strategist Tonya Acker about Jesse Jackson's negative comments on Barack Obama's relationship with the black community.

Blakeman said that Jackson's comment show that Barack Obama is an 'elitist' and a 'snob.' Reagan and Ackerman were click to confront Blakeman on the point.

Partial Transcript

ACKER: i think the comments, again, that gave rise to it are very different from the other comments that brad and some of his cohorts would like to launch on to. people clinging to gun and religion. that's very separate from what senator obama has spoken to here, which is that there's a problem with african-american men and not taking care of their families. i mean, that's just a fact. i don't want to turn that into, and i would ask that -- that's a separate issue. that's a separate issue. that's not a republican sound bite.

BLAKEMAN: Here's the problem. Here's the problem. Whether you want to face it or not. That is Jesse Jackson hit on what the Republicans have said the last couple months and that is this guy is a snob. He's an eliteist. He talks down to people. That's what jesse jackson was frustrated with.

ACKER: Very sorry to interrupt you, Brad, very sorry to interrupt you, Brad. But neither you and nor the Pepublican Party for whom you speak is really speaking to the issue that Senator Obama was talking about when he is talking about African-American families in these churches. This is not one of your convenient political sound bites. This is a serious crisis and serious issue that people care about.

BLAKEMAN: No, What we identified is a problem with Obama. He is an elitist and thinks he's better than everybody else and he talks down to people.

ABRAMS: Ron Reagan gets the final word. Ron Reagan.

REAGAN: How do you think that he thinks he's better than everyone else? I want to know how you read his mind and his emotional state that way -- to be able to say something like that?

BLAKEMAN: The way he carries himself. The way he speaks to people.

REAGAN: What do you mean -- the way he carries himself? How is that?

BLAKEMAN: What do you think that Jesse Jackson was saying?

REAGAN: That he's eloquent and somewhat graceful in his physical presentation?

BLAKEMAN: No, no, the guy is a snob.

REAGAN: how do you say that?

ACKER: What makes him snobbish? What makes him snobbish? What makes him snobbish?

BLAKEMAN: Don't you think Jesse Jackson was at least inferring to the fact that this guy projects himself as being a little better than everybody else?

ACKER: No jesse jackson was speaking to Barack Obama's having address the crisis of African-American men not stepping up to the responsibilities of parenthood. Now, if you want to distort that and turn it into some Republican sound bite, that's a very, very desperate thing.

ABRAMS: That is going to have to be the final sound bite.

REAGAN: If you want to start ascribing motives like this, I can say that john mccain is not just foolish for proposing to balance the budget by 2013, but he's insane.

ABRAMS: Here's the good news. When I have a good guests like Ron Reagan and Tanya Acker and Brad Blakeman on, i can sit back and let Ron and Tonya go after Brad and I can enjoy it. Good stuff. Thank you. Appreciate it.

This video is from MSNBC's Verdict, broadcast July 9, 2008.

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