An exclusive video obtained by WNBC shows a man being repeatedly beaten with a metal baton as he is arrested.

WNBC reported:

"The NYPD has temporarily taken away the badge and gun of the baton-wielding officer and placed him on desk duty as investigators review his repeated strikes July 4th against a suspect who was allegedly resisting arrest."

"A passerby had filmed part of the confrontation between 46-year-old Michael Cephus of Brooklyn and officers on Delancey Street about 8:25 p.m. Police maintain that Cephus had been drinking, had swung at police officers with an umbrella, hit two cops with his fists and had refused to be handcuffed. His attorney counters that Cephus was not intoxicated, did not strike the officers and should not have been arrested."

This video is from WNBC, broadcast July 29, 2008.

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