Update: More information on this guy. He's not just an MRA/pick-up artist, but appears to be a genuine psychopath. This is the kind of guy who creates those classes for Nice Guys® to learn how to pick up women. At best, he's preying on male desperation, but the truth of the matter is he's doing that and feeding the sort of misogyny that underlies the entire pick-up artist/Nice Guy® whining tradition.

People who ask why we're so mean to Nice Guys® should really take listen to this phone call and see how bad said Nice Guys® really sound. The story is simple. Woman gets hit on in bar by dude. Thinks he seems okay and gives him her card. He calls. He leaves a message and she presumably realizes that the best route is to pretend like she never met him. He calls again. Really, I can't explain how awesome this phone message is. You just have to listen.


I was told those "pick-up artist" techniques work on almost any woman you can imagine. Just insult and deride a woman, and she'll be sucking your cock in moments, right? For some reason, it's not working for this guy. That doesn't stop him from fashioning himself a seducer extraordinaire and a stalwart defender of the male half of the species against the evil of feminism.