So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that since I didn't feel quite as bad as I was allegedly supposed to this weekend, that I really didn't feel that bad at all. I'm that guy who goes to WebMD, sees I have three out of the four signs of a stroke, and as I don't quite have problems seeing yet, I'm probably just tired. Anyway, after three days pushing myself way too hard, I'm finding that every time I try to post something longer than a paragraph, I start to feel exhausted and achy, then I realize that being in bed doesn't necessarily constitute "rest". It's honest-to-goodness sleep and veg out time, even with a break from tv news.

imageI'm shocked, too.

Before I go, one last thing: I was wondering how long it would take for a conservative blogger to attempt to gloss over this weekend's church shootings by culling a similar example from "liberalism". Bingo.

This is sad. But first let's be clear. This is ot a "Church" under the New Testament definitions as no place that celebrates sin could possibly be a member of the body of Christ. Just because someone names Christ or calls themselves a "Church" doesn't mean they are the real thing.

Nevertheless NO fellowhip or organization deserves to have some nutbag come in and shoot the place up and kill people. Like it or not they are free to practice what they believe in America so long as they obey the law.

God will sort out the false prophets and adherants on the final day, he doesn't need our help.

This man is very definitely disturbed and it's not a "conservative" vs. "liberal thing", although the usual idiots will gloat through the blood to make their point.

Liberals commit similiar crimes as well. But then you couldn't expect the idiots at FDR to fact check before they bark.

I'm sure the Unitarian community appreciates the small solace in Macsmind's begrudging admission that despite their burning-in-hellosity, they possess some modicum of not-deserving-to-die-immediatelyness. It's a tender, caring gift, like a lavender-scented subpoena.

The interesting thing about the case that's linked to as evidence of "liberals" shooting up churches is that it's the Colorado church shooter, the one that wanted to be a Christian missionary and lashed out in anger at his failure to do so. The reason that the belief exists that the shooter from this weekend was a conservative is his love of conservativism and hatred of liberalism. The reason that the belief exists that the shooter from Colorado was a liberal is because the karmic balance of the universe dictates that Jesus owes conservatives that solid; pray hard enough and one of the non-fatal bullets he was shot with was stopped by A People's History of the United States.

The reason that liberals are in any way focused on this as an ideological object lesson isn't because of a desire to tar the right with the actions of a murderer, but precisely because of the right's efforts to determine that any acts of violence committed against a claimed-conservative audience (churchgoers, children, pretty white women) must be the work of some liberal and/or ethnic group out to destroy the very Hanes whose comfort-fit elastic waist houses the fleshy future of their imperiled race.

That, and the eliminationist streak that runs a mile wide and a mile deep through the conservative movement. But it's all in service to the Hanes.