imageThe various complaints with Barack Obama's appearance in Germany have ranged from location to content. Now, we see another line of attack lining up: Obama's luring people with music and food.

We all remember the Decembrists "controversy", wherein he seemed to draw every Decembrists fan in the continental United States to a single place in order to falsely inflate the size of his rally. The Decembrists followed that up by performing in a community rec center...the biggest rec center ever!

The idiocy's already made it to alter Perfesser and der freie Republik, meaning that it should be heading up Fox News' way by three or so. I'm also kind of amazed at the idea that in order for an event to remain "pure", it must be nothing but the politician heading the rally speaking. Bringing any other form of entertainment, preoccupation, comestible or even just some dude handing out flyers is tantamout to rigging the system and, hey, fascism!