Tony Perkins and his crew at the professional "Christian" homo-hate machine, the Family Research Council, has earned the prestigious Box Turtle Bulletin Cameronesque Award for its production of the mind-boggling brochure, “The Slippery Slope of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’.”. That's the organization's entry into the battle to pass Prop 8 in California.

Jim Burroway, in his careful consideration of FRC meeting the criteria to receive the award, took a close look at the junk science used by the organization to prop up its outrageous assertions that:

* the vast majority of homosexual relationships are short-lived and transitory.

* homosexual couples typically engage in a shocking degree of promiscuity.

* homosexual and lesbian couples experience by far the highest levels of intimate partner violence

Jim breaks it down point-by-point. Click over to see how FRC misused and twisted data. For my part, the most entertaining decrepit ludicrous statement made by FRC is that bestiality is around the corner. The folks at FRC obviously didn't get the memo about consent.

[T]he sole criterion for marriage becomes the presence of "love" and "mutual commitment." But once marriage is no longer confined to a man and a woman, it is impossible to exclude virtually any relationship between two or more partners of either sex--even non-human "partners."

...Of course, media stories on same-sex marriage rarely address the fact that redefining marriage logically leads to the Missouri man and his mare. Instead, media reports typically focus instead on homosexual couples who resemble the stereotypical ideal of a married couple. Ignored in such reports is social science research indicating that such idealized "families" are utterly atypical among homosexuals.

In this pamphlet we will show the following:

1. Gay marriage threatens the institutions of marriage and the family.

2. Same-sex relationships are not the equivalent of traditional marriage

3. Gay marriage is not a civil rights issue

4. Americans overwhelmingly reject gay marriage

5. Gay marriage is not a moral alternative to traditional marriage.

6. Homosexuality is rightly viewed as unnatural.