So Keira Knightley put her foot down against the small-minded out there who can't see that the beauty that is inherent in the breast-less lady form. (Which isn't to say that the be-breasted lady form isn't also lovely---it is. And usually recognized as such.) Indignities such as this got to her:

So she's not allowing that sort of thing in her new movie. Good for her.

I do wish, however, she'd gone the extra mile and said, "Attention assholes who impose these impossible standards---you can have scrawny, or you can have bosomy, but you can't have both. Get over it."

Sure, it would have been parsed for days on the blogs for offense to the scrawny yet bosomy minority out there, but it still would have be awesome. But saying something like that in Hollywood is worse than being a biologist who took a piss on a communion wafer.