McCain's just-discovered growth is, of course, good news for John McCain, but as I just saw on CNN, the entire press corps took a step back to try to find out about the mole, as it fulfills the last great unexplored narrative of the campaign...John McCain being old. However, can you think of a day in the past month where John McCain hasn't done something offensively stupid or blatantly dishonest?

I know that I have little to no Real Journamalism Experience, but it strikes me that a fruitful way to fill the hours of time and feet of columns that need to be filled in order to get the job of educating the people done might be to explore the fact that one of the two major party candidates seems to switch long-held political positions because someone asks or because he just can't remember what his old position was. I understand that it's nowhere near as interesting as theorizing how and why Barack Obama's trip abroad could potentialy imperil his chances to become President, but it's still better than actual work, I think.