imageColonel Bud Day, who you may remember from being a Swift Boater and absolutely nothing else ever, decides to talk about the war on terror:

The Muslims have said either we kneel or they're going to kill us... I don't intend to kneel and I don't advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn't advocate to anybody that we kneel.

May I recommend kneepads? I'm sure you'll find some on the Straight Talk Express.

I thought that we'd understood several years back that the War on Terror is not, in fact, a War on Islam, particularly prescient in light of the fact that unofficial counts of Muslims in the world put their numbers somewhere north of eleventy bajillion and the numbers of the strong-kneed Americans at decidedly less than that. If at some point the two groups do decide to go to full out war with each other, I do not hesitate to say that the collected might of Islam will fuck the Bud Day Brigade's shit up.

I'm also not particularly sure why Bud Day wants to go to war with the entire faith - does he envision himself as Paul Redeker from World War Z, with a binder full of plans of how to address the Islamic menace, leaving pockets of well-stocked sacrificial lambs to head them off while he rebuilds on the Western frontier?