Look at the career aspirations of convicted GOP wife-beater Rep. Mark Olson -- he has quit the Minnesota House to run for state senator. Olson called his conviction for domestic assault (for shoving his wife to the ground several times) a "personal failure." He begged his House colleagues for forgiveness; no word on whether he apologized to his family.

Ken Avidor of Dump Mark Olson sounds disappointed that he'll have to keep blogging about the co-sponsor of a state marriage amendment in his post "Rep. Mark Olson Un-Dumps Himself and Runs for Senate": Crap... and I thought I could put this blog in mothballs...

Olson, btw, was ordered to attend two counseling sessions after reports surfaced that he was abusive to his staff in 1997 (example: throwing a typewriter at a secretary); no charges were filed. Look at his bleating against marriage equality -- from a man convicted of abusing his spouse.


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