After watching the panel with Digby, Atrios, Paul Krugman, and Rick Perlstein, I can say I see a theme shaping up this year's Netroots Nation. The assumption hanging over all panels and other get-togethers is that Obama is going to win in November and we'll be facing what's basically a new era of liberal blogging, where the Democrats aren't on the outside and we don't have Bush-creating-a-dictatorship to protest. Are bloggers going to hold his feet to the fire or are we going to wither and die without an administration to hate? I think the past year has shown, with the marked decline in blogging about Bush Suckors because of his lame duck status, that bloggers don't run out of opinions because the story is changing. In fact, as the country theoretically moves in a more liberal direction, it'll be exciting be the on-the-ground chroniclers of the change.

As usual, I'm skittish about the complacency with the idea that Obama is going to win so easily. I mean, it seems that Obama is going to pull way ahead, and especially after he wipes the floor with McCain in the debates. But it's also clear that the media has chosen their favored candidate and that might be an insurmountable obstacle. And the disproportionate power that underpopulated and rural states have will be a massive factor in this election, as it usually is, but maybe even more so because of the way racism is coming into play this election. I'm just not feeling easy about all this. If you're planning the dream wedding before you get the ring, you're setting yourself up for being massively disappointed.