If you're going to get surgery done, get it done at the University of Michigan Hospital. Sure, there's the highly professional and competent aspect, but, more importantly when you're writhing in abdominal pain, everyone there is pretty. It's like walking into a TV show, except all the actors actually treat you.

I'm back home, doing pretty well, and just trying not to move that much. As the doctor told me, three small incisions doesn't mean it's a small surgery. I've had a couple of people ask for a link to donate towards the Ice Cream and Clear Fluid fund, and I'll put something up during day, after the Vicodin's had more of a chance to kcik in.

Also, McCain hit up my old neighborhood this week. I think it's particularly smart - hit up a restaurant in one of the most liberal and gay-friendly areas in a Democratic-leaning city in order to make a rapidly obscured point about why your opponent speaking in front of 200,000 actual German people is sooooo dumb. I can't wait until he heads to San Francisco's Lots Of People Are Voting For Me Pub and Grille on November 4th.