imageIt needs to be said: this Obama fellow is sort of cool.

Barack Obama is a dedicated feminist who "lives surrounded by women," his half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, told a mostly female crowd at a Women For Obama event in downtown Tampa on Thursday.

Soetoro-Ng told the crowd that Obama helped rear her and now is rearing two daughters. "Those girls are what make him a feminist," she said.


She said he taught her to ride a bicycle, made her practice harder math problems and start an exercise program, took her on college visits and even gave her her first women's health book - "Our Bodies, Ourselves," a 1973 guide that came out of the women's movement and focused on female sexuality, health and hygiene.

Personally, I think this makes him a great guy, and because the binary nature of the universe requires all sensible things to be immediately answered by gibbering loons, I give you Redstate. Suffice to say, Obama's embrace of the fact that his sister is actually a woman is an unacceptable affront to all that is masculine, because the one thing dudes shouldn't be capable of is identifying women. Knowing about vaginas is totally gay.

One thing I always wonder about when I read conservatives defining masculinity - if one of the central and defining points of being a man is simultaneously wanting to fuck women like hurricanes and not knowing anything about fucking women like hurricanes, how do I achieve my ultimate goal of hurricane-like woman fucking? I will ask this question, and many more, at Right Online tomorrow.