Don't blink, but the CBS affiliate here got a shot of me this AM during the Al Gore speech. It's near the beginning. The story is entitled "Left Bloggers Claim Web Dominance Over Radio-Oriented Conservatives." Gee, doesn't that sound dangerous?

OK, now the real kicker. I come out of a session and guess who is standing in the hall being interviewed -- Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. It's bizarre enough that he'd show up at a lefty conference, but the mind-boggler is that he's also in Austin to speak at the sad-sack right-wing blogger "counter-event," the Right Online Summit (sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, just look at the agenda and the speaker list), along with the diva of wingnuttery, Michelle Malkin. Here's Bob, and my reaction:

Video of my "Hot Topic" panel session is below the fold. Dammit, they videotaped my Hot Topic panel. Not all of them were livestreamed, but we didn't get the luck of the draw.