So, this week an old friend and fellow Devo fanatic and I concocted a plot. We'll be flying to San Diego to go to a racetrack where Devo will be doing their only U.S. tour stop this year. I've never seen Devo live, so this is extremely exciting. Better yet is that frequent flier miles are covering the plane ticket, so it won't even be financially devastating to live the dream.

I've never really traveled to see a band, especially like this, where I'm the one geeking out. (Along with my friend, who I really befriended in college by mentioning MST3K at a happy hour. Oh yes, we are those people.) I've gone to Houston to see Radiohead, and that was more Marc's thing than mine. And I think that's it. Living in Austin means never having to leave home to see great music. This is a brand new experience for me.

In honor of my new level of geeky fandom, a Devo video.