Haven't I been telling you all primary season long about the Beltway consultant class, always more concerned about self-preservation and their next meal ticket, poisoning politics and democracy? Here's bold additional confirmation of it.

The $3 million-dollar/month former Clinton "chief strategist" Mark Penn, whose arrogance and incompetence destroyed Hillary Clinton's campaign, has gotten in bed with Bush's babysitter, Karen Hughes, to form a PR/communications firm. This is so DC. (WSJ):

Former Clinton strategist Mark Penn, chairman and CEO of public-relations firm Burson-Marsteller, is hiring former Bush adviser Karen Hughes as a vice chairman, the principals say. The political combatants, known for their partisan efforts, decided to combine forces to offer a one-stop crisis-communication and public-affairs shop to corporations caught in front-page headlines or faced with a changing Washington.

It's a comeback effort of sorts for both players. Mr. Penn, 54, who served as chief strategist and pollster for Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, has been blamed in recent months for her failed candidacy. Ms. Hughes, 51, who came to Washington with President George W. Bush as his communications director, left her State Department position several months ago after making little progress on her mission to improve the U.S. image around the world.

"Mark and I share a vision that communications people should be strategic advisers ... and an understanding of the realities of the political process," Ms. Hughes said. "And we also share the same lawyer."

Boy, what boob would hire these two? This level of incompetence cannot and should not continue to be tolerated and enabled. The common sense question is why are people like Hughes and Penn rewarded a dime for continuing to screw up? Is the motto in DC really "F*ck up, move up?

Help me out here, people -- Hughes and Penn are the kinds of folks who need to be swept the hell out of Washington until they develop some actual skilz worth paying for.