Well, no there's not really, but this still feels like something new. I'm not going to link to it from here - a last-minute decision - so I'll do my best to describe it:

Pam from Atlas Shrugged put up a post titled "America's New First Family" which consists of pictures of Obama's relatives. His relatives, as you may imagine, are often black. (Although I'm fairly sure that it's the pictures of Obama with his white mother and grandparents that are supposed to bother us even more.) Interspersed with the photos are comments about how Obama knows a guy who knows a guy who named his kid after Castro or how he's been the same house as a Muslim on several occasions.

The package together is clearly a race-baiting extravaganza I've never seen outside Stormfront. I'm sure there are some, maybe including Pam, who would claim that it's we Democrats who are imputing a racial motive to a simple series of family photos. "I never mentioned anything about race," she might say. "You're the one who sees these photos and thinks about race." To which I say to Pam and her would-be defenders: Go fuck yourselves, you bigoted pieces of shit.