Today is the sixth anniversary of Pandagon. Orignally founded July 26th, 2002, Pandagon has gone from a site that I couldn't get my college friends to read to one that I still can't get my college friends to read, but it doesn't matter, because 30-35,000 other people do. I still love you, though, college friends.

Happy birthday, us!

Other news: people have e-mailed and asked if there's a place where they can donate to a get well soon fund. My birthday's also in about eleven days (August 6th), so I'll just do a combo birthday/surgery link - my full mobility day is August 7th, anyway. Click here if you want to drop some coins, and if not, I still love you, too.

I'm on Vicodin. Right now, I love Grover Norquist. He's so beardy.