A Vancouver woman had a Barack Obama sign in her yard, and that was all that was needed to set off some sleazebag(s) to key her car in the driveway of her home. (KPTV also has video):

The words "white power" and "I'm gay" were etched into the car of Karen Wastradowski last Saturday. Wastradowski had left her car in the driveway of her home when the vandals struck.

She filed a report with Vancouver police. Wastradowski said a blue "Elect Obama" sign in her yard could have caused the crime.

Jon DeVore of Horse's Ass said this about the climate in that area:

There are a couple of things worth noting here. Yes, Clark County has its share of unrepentant bigots. Earlier this year the son of a Battle Ground city council member was charged with cyberstalking over virulently racist emails sent to a black council member and other community members. So while vandalism is not exactly an unusual thing during the summer months, it’s also not acceptable to just shrug off racist defacement of private property as “just kids being kids.” They learned it somewhere.

...In a larger sense, if someone can’t place a yard sign for a major party candidate in front of their home without this sort of thing happening, we don’t really have much of a democracy.

Down here in NC, I've got an Obama sticker on my car and it hasn't been defaced. The yard signs are hard to come by around here, but I'd put one out if I had one. Also, maybe you recall my post from last November, when I put some new badges and stickers on my car.

I asked this question:

Kate and I are thinking of starting a pool to see how long this stays on the car before some wingnut around here removes it. Any guesses?

Guess what? They are all still there, intact -- for now.