imageThey just go throw it away on field staff and campaign operations. And chicken.

The Weekly Standard discusses Obama's wacky, out of control spending that's left him with only $72 million for fire hydrant parties and the inevitable purchase of mandatory prayer mats for fall rallies. The weirdest part about it is that Obama's getting attacked for not only spending within his means, but running a campaign where he's saved about as much as McCain has raised in the past four months. To call the argument mendacious is an understatement - it treats the very idea of spending money, no matter how much money you have and how good of financial shape you're in, as something foolish and wrong. This is, of course, because a Democrat's doing it.

Obama recently told reporters, "I've never been a big entourage guy. … And that takes some getting used to." Well, the size of Obama's campaign suggests he's gotten used to the idea very quickly. Before even locking up the nomination, Obama's paid staff was already in excess of 700 people. In the last month, Obama has hired dozens if not hundreds of staffers, and his National Field Coordinator said the campaign anticipates deploying more than 2,000 paid staffers to every state in the country. Sending 15 paid staffers to Texas might make a good sound bite, but politically speaking, it is flushing money down the toilet.

A paid staff of 2,000 is unheard of in the history of presidential elections. Consider that it's five times larger than Bush's campaign staff in 2004, which is the next biggest ever assembled. Indeed, Obama will have more people working on his campaign than President Bush currently has in the whole White House. And if Obama spends like this when he needs to raise the money himself, one can only imagine what he'll do when he can instead tap the tax coffers of the U.S. Treasury.

One can only imagine the utter horror of some liberal Democrat bringing in record amounts of revenue, planning accordingly and saving up ungodly sums of money for future plans rather than frittering it all away. Much better to choose the guy who had to use his wife's plane to get around and nearly ran out of money, saved only by a bogus loan. We'll be China East in no time.

You can't help but read into this a little of the typical liberal/black critique, as well - Obama's yet another wasteful black Democrat gleefully throwing away money on new sneakers and cell phones rather than saving up and paying his electric bill and child support. Never mind that he's tremendously successful, incredibly smart about how he spends his money and wasting his money on a consistent lead nationwide and earning fighting chances in states that haven't been won by Democrats since you could get a milkshake for a quarter.

I do worry that he's going to throw it all away when he accepts the Democratic nomination in a sequined pimp suit, emerging from an Olympic-sized pool of Alize to the strains of "Best Rapper Alive". But that still leaves us five or six weeks to think about what could have been, at least.