WKRN News 2 reports that "the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating after video shot from inside a Mount Joliet patrol car shows an officer choking a suspect."

In the video, the officer has both hands around the neck of the suspect and is telling him to "stick your tongue out." The suspect, James Anders, then passes out.

According to WKRN, "The incident began with a traffic stop. Officer Cosby said he smelled burning marijuana, ordered Anders out of the car and told him to spit out something he had in his mouth. ... Cosby didn't find any marijuana in Anders' mouth but did find a small bag of the drug inside his car."

Anders was arrested on charges of possessing marijuana, resisting arrest, and tampering with evidence. The charges were later dismissed because of the police officer's behavior. Cosby was reprimanded and the tape was handed over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

This video is from WKRN News 2, broadcast July 1, 2008.

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