Fox's Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmead talk with Jerome R. Corsi who has written a new book critical of Barack Obama called "Obama Nation." Bob Beckle challenged Corsi on charges that Obama supported the abortion of a baby after the baby was born.

Partial transcript

BECKLE: Let me make a couple other points you make in this book. You said that Barack Obama supported a bill to allow mothers to kill their babies even after they were born. Now, are they going to use knives, guns or how are going to do that? Do you actually believe that to be true?

CORSI: It's true.

BECKLE: Oh, come on.

CORSI: Bob, I quoted him from the Illinois Senate floor. This was a case of a baby that survived an abortion attempt -- late term, forced labor abortion -- and the nurse who is very famous out in Illinois held this baby for 45 minutes, took it from the linen closet. The baby had down syndrome until the baby died.

BECKLE: The baby died.

CORSI: And Obama, on the floor of the Illinois State Senate, said that woman had an absolute right to abortion, to kill the baby even if it survived that abortion.

BECKLE: That is patently untrue.

CORSI: Well, you haven't looked at the case. I'm sorry.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast August 5, 2008.

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