So, I'm sure you all know by now that after the public rose up and protested the Bush administration's attempts to redefine preventing pregnancy as terminating pregnancy, the Bush administration responded by having the HHS issue a "fuck you" to the public---now the HHS regulations that are disputed are so broad as to protect health care workers who want to refuse to do their jobs for all sorts of reasons. Since the Bushies don't seem to care what you or anyone else that belongs in the "reasonable person" category thinks, it might seem a little beside the point to click this link and send this email.

Protect Birth Control

But do it anyway, and tell your friends. Because while we probably can't stop the Bush administration from handing out gimmes like this to the organized misogynists out there in order to coax them into voting for McCain, we can make HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt continue to update his blog with entertaining and infuriating defensive lies. And every time Leavitt does this, it gets more media coverage. And the more media coverage this issue gets, the more we wake up Americans to this critical fact: anti-choicers aren't just against abortion. They want to ban your birth control.