I would imagine that there were some overzealous law enforcement officials in Denver in the run-up to the convention. That almost goes without saying. But somehow I doubt they did anything like this:

A woman named Heather Adams just came out of the Food Not Bombs house and gave Guntzel the following account: She arrived from Chicago at 3 a.m. this morning with plans to protest at the RNC. At 8 a.m. she woke up to find police in the house wearing riot gear and camouflage flak jackets. She says they had rifles drawn. Adams has a broken ankle, and when officers ordered her to roll over on her stomach, she says she was slow to do so and the officer, she says, pushed her with his boot.

Adams says one arrest was made. Nathanael Secor, a main organizer of FNB, was arrested on charges of conspiracy to riot, she says.

Among the items listed on the search warrant was urine and feces. I'm having trouble deciding whether it's for DNA purposes, or whether the FBI really thinks Food Not Bombs was stockpiling waste inside their house for flinging at Republicans. This follows directly on a sheriff's raid on a meeting space for protesters which has been condemned by a St. Paul city council member.

Update: Lindsay has another, similar, story.