Chuck Todd sums up the big media reaction to the Faith Forum event last night.

Quick first impressions: Obama spent more time trying to impress Warren (or to put another away) not offend Warren while McCain seemingly ignored Warren and decided he was talking to folks watching on TV. The McCain way of handling this forum is usually the winning way. Obama may have had more authentic moments but McCain was impressively on message.

McCain pretty much spent an hour using various keywords to trigger bits of his stump speech. He was very direct and very response to some other question. It's like a parody scene - answer more quickly! More on message! I know she asked you what you'd like to drink with her meal - you tell her about your Social Security plan and you do it now!

In other evidence that our journalistic system is screwed up beyond recognition, Deborah Howell is back for the third straight week arguing that McCain needs more stories in the Washington Post, because weeks of stories evaluating Obama's presumptuousness are grossly unfair to John McCain.

I predict this election will be called at the first debate when the moderator asks how we deal with our growing indebtedness to China. Obama will give a 90-second answer on trade, diplomacy, environmental regulations and American innovation. John McCain will answer "yes".