imageAfter a few days of McCain's gamble on negative ads, Barack Obama has been creeping steadily upwards in polling.

The real question is, if McCain's ads aren't working, why isn't Obama farther ahead? Ergo, the ads must be working and Obama is doomed to uncomfortably lead the polls for the next couple of days, all the way to a tenuously large Electoral College victory. I don't know how he sleeps at night knowing more people don't love him, but my guess is it's all the coke he's not on.

Corsi's point should have been that Obama once used drugs, and we might want to be suspicious of the assertion that he stopped when he says he did. In saying this, Corsi reminds me of those Bush antagonists who speculate that he still drinks or that he is somehow dogged by the "dry drunk" effects of not drinking. Let's see if all the bloggers can be non-hypocritical. Treat Obama exactly the way you've been treating Bush on the substance-use issue.

As smooth as this segue is, let me continue with it. I'll treat Obama the exact same way I'd treat Bush - had Bush had an admitted and verified history of sporadic drug use ending nearly 30 years ago with no signs of addiction. And if Obama had been an addict until he was 40 and then just decided that he wasn't anymore, I'd also look at him a bit suspiciously. I refuse to answer for the Counterpunch article that Althouse references, though, until she gives a full and fair explanation for Pamela Geller's resplendent abuse of her breasts.

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