imageBased on this Dick Morris column, Barack Obama will win the votes of every woman in America.

I'm consistently amazed at the ways our punditariat has of explaining why every good thing for the Democrats is actually bad. Hillary giving a good speech is bad for Biden and Obama. Biden giving a good speech is even worse for Obama. Obama giving a speech that makes John McCain break down into a quivering mass and announce that his running mate will be his blankie is horrible news for Democrats in general, for we are a people who, particularly heading into the colder months, appreciate and revere our blankies.

When Obama wins, he's going to have the problem of all those states he didn't win. He's going to have to deal with the awful problem of having a Democratic House and Senate, the terrible burden of figuring out how the Presidency works, and the soul-crushing emptiness of being the only man in the world in his position. Dammit, I need a blankie now.