How bad is it that even John McCain doesn't know how many homes he owns?

If we look at charges of elitism over the past couple of elections, they all tend to come from the sorts of behavior that aren't particularly novel or elitist except for the fact that they rub some Beltway communal sense of regularness the wrong way. McCain's major benefit is that he doesn't actually seem to do anything - he lives in a vacation spot (but one on the continental United States), he's not a particular threat to climb into a tube or a tank or perform any sort of physical activity more alien than clapping, and he's not going to propose anything more novel than an O'Reillyesque potential series of thoughts about things that tickle around the edges of breaking with conservative orthodoxy.

He could bathe in rivers of Evian on a platform composed of platinum and rhino bones, and it wouldn't particularly matter because he likes to look gruff and he's white and he wants to cut taxes. The fact that he's entirely removed from virtually all knowledge of his housing situation in the midst of a nationwide housing crisis, however, isn't room for any concern of elitism because [noun] [verb] [POW].