Sorry about the radio silence yesterday afternoon. See edition title for why.

Ten songs from your party shuffle on iTunes, or however you shuffle your music.

1) "Bob George"---Prince

2) "You're A Big Girl Now"---The Stylistics

3) "Suzanne Is Getting Married"---Screeching Weasel

4) "I Had A Talk With My Man"---Mitty Collier

5) "Milk Lizard"---Dillinger Escape Plan

6) "Someone Great"---LCD Soundsystem

7) "Forty Miles Of Bad Surf"---The Lively Ones

8) "Deep Red Bells"---Neko Case

9) "Rushholme Ruffians"---The Smiths

10) "Grip Like A Vice"---The Go! Team

The Go! Team:

LCD Soundsystem:

The Smiths:

Bonus song from Goldfrapp, because I feel like it: