Ten songs at random from your MP3 collection. Leave 'em in comments. Here's mine:

1) "Brazil"---Wire

2) "Protest and Survive"---The Varukers

3) "Already Dead"---Beck

4) "My Baby Likes To Boogaloo"---The Woggles

5) "Hungry Mouth"---The Nurses

6) "Tighten Up"---Archie Bell & The Drells

7) "Violet"---Frank Black

8) "Can't Wait"---Hepcat

9) "Havana Gang Brawl"---The Zutons

10) "Please Take Care Of Our Love"---Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris

So, why am I in San Diego? Well, barring some horrible obstacle, a friend of mine and I will be in Del Mar tomorrow night to see Devo. I'm so excited. I'm not saying they're my favorite band, but you know. I have a picture disk LP of their first album framed on my wall (along with the VU's first album). And my favorite DVD to show people is a live Devo concert where you watch their genius performance win over a largely indifferent audience at Lollapalooza. I don't own an energy dome, but I seriously considered it if it would help me get to the front of the stage tomorrow. On one hand, it's a geeky obsession. On the other hand, they are a classic 70s-era punk band. So, really, it's kind of inevitable. Luckily, my friend I'm going with is, if anything, a bigger Devo geek than me. He's the one who found out about the show and figured he had the frequent flier miles to get us here, so there you go.

Some songs I hope to hear, and suspect I will:

How big a dork I am: I'm going to be wearing my Moog T-shirt specially for show. I guess we'll have to add "bad ass synthesizers" to the objects of worship for the Church of the Mouse and the Disco Ball.

I've been remiss in showing cat pictures. But I do have updates on Molly and Dusty. Since we've moved, they've gotten, if anything, much happier. They love the new condo. They have a backyard that they can hang out in under supervision. During the day, there are squirrels to watch. The geography of the place is more fun to run around in. Molly, who used to fear pretty much every person that isn't me or Marc, has started to come out and sit in the living room when company comes over.

Here they are making out:


If I go outside to do anything without Dusty, she throws a fit:


Molly is shiny: