I don't know what's better: the GOP potentially postponing their convention because a hurricane is going to hit hundreds of miles away, or the entirety of NRO declaring that Barack Obama's just so angry.

I do like the idea that McCain and Bush avoided Katrina to have a birthday party, and now McCain and Bush are going to avoid having the party altogether so that they can also avoid the hurricane. Did they not recognize that they were having the convention in the midst of hurricane season? As an aside, if they move the convention back a week, besides ensuring that it's the worst-attended convention in political history, McCain would also accept his nomination on September 11th, thereby indelibly politicizing yet another tragedy for his own gain. If he pushes it back another week, he won't be the nominee until 8 days before the first debate, and he's in a godawful financial situation - he's already pushed off his fundraising apparatus to the RNC.

So, the choices: Katrina nomination, 9/11 nomination, or broke-ass nomination. I'd just go with Katrina. And get a very nice cake for my trouble.