A New Orleans high school teacher, Weston "Tony" Verrette, was brutally killed in his home by a vagrant who was taken in by Verrette to give him food and clothing. In what has become a familiar tale, the homeless man, Louis Church, readily confessed to the heinous crime, then claimed a sexual advance was made by Verrette and he had no other choice but to slay the 52-year-old.

Church, later identified by police as the estranged stepson of retired Gretna Police Lt. Brad Church, confessed to murdering Verrette and claimed he had become enraged by Verrette allegedly making sexual advances on him, police spokesman Anthony Christiana said today.

Christiana said the Gretna Police will not be pursuing hate crime charges because Church said he was enraged by the alleged sexual advances but not because of a blanket judgment about Verrette's sexuality.

By the way, in his panic, Church also stole the man's wallet, cell phone and other personal items -- they were found in the defendant's car.

When are they going to allow women this "he made a pass at me" defense when she knocks off some pathetic sleazebag pawing at her?


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