imageI do want to correct Ta-Nahesi here:

I always thought the most telling detail about "feminists" who were insistent that Hillary be on the ticket was this claim that a Sebilius or McCaskill nomination for the VP slot would be the highest insult. What we see in that attitude is not so much feminism but Hillaryism.

At this point, you can be a feminist or you can be a PUMA, but chances are you're not both. And that comes not just because the tiny movement is full of outsize assholes, but because the movement long ago (roughly the day it was founded) ceased being about Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a stand-in for their own vindication, a campaign and a movement onto which they parasitically latched. Nobody's saying that they have to be happy with what happened in the primary; it's not like losing a close race engenders the best feelings. But as anyone who's had the misfortune to run afoul of the PUMA brigade has learned, the litany of reasons why Hillary Clinton should be the nominee keeps waning and waning in light of the far more important story here: the hurt feelings of the people who supported her and lost.

Clinton is secondary to them - to the Darragh Murphys of the world who hadn't lifted a finger in support of a Democrat before Clinton yet demand that the DNC kowtow to them, the small cadre of PUMA bloggers for whom the sort of hatemongering bullshit they traffic in puts them right alongside the most hateful elements of the right, and the entitled, attention-seeking mass of them who claim to speak for 18 million people (most of whom couldn't care less if they exist) with the same fervor that a tiny group of fans fights to get their favorite canceled show back on television, despite not really having watched it much or ever watching anything like it since the show was cut.

It's a pitiful, shallow movement that couldn't do more to damage Hillary Clinton, what she believes in, or the larger cause of feminism if it tried. It's no more Hillaryism than George W. Bush is a cowboy.