The Onion FTW:

When Gene Rutherford, 65, tries to make sense of the meteoric rise of Barack Obama, and the rampant enthusiasm for him among younger Americans, he thinks of the local mall, where as director of operations he often deals with teenagers.

"Kids today have been given everything they want, and don't have to work for it. They have no respect for authority," said Rutherford, standing at the bar at the Elks lodge here. "They'll make remarks right to the face of the [mall] cops. I get to the point where I want to do something," he said, cocking a fist as if to threaten a punch. "But the police say we can't, that we just have to stand there." It makes him worry for the country. "I see it going the Roman way."

...Holy shit, that's not the Onion! The Washington Post actually has an article in which a mall security guard's crazily expressed concern about teenagers is related to the presidential campaign of a man born sometime in 1961!

Democrats would be crazy to ignore the over-60 demographic, but you'll excuse me if I sense that inasmuch as that demographic is resistant to Obama (and the Post article notes that 53 percent of voters over 65 find Obama "inspiring", which is lower than the younger demographics but not too shabby) it's a lot less about "kids get off my lawn" and more about "blacks get off my lawn."

A Pew survey last year found that the proportion of those born before 1946 who approve of interracial dating had increased from 36 percent to 65 percent since 1987, but that that rate remained well below that for the generations that followed.

35% of people over 61 disapprove of interracial dating. While it's possible that some of that percentage also finds Obama inspiring, it's still worth noting that this "anti-Obama" retiree trend is probably overblown, but inasmuch as it's not, it's probably irretrievable, too. Unreconstructed is unreconstructed.