Honestly, is there ever bad news for John McCain?

The Politco (I know, I know) runs a piece detailing seven warning signs for Barack Obama. Actually, it's just one warning sign: everything that would turn this election Obama's way is pretty much on the verge of going McCain's way. Other than the constant reiteration of "things are bad and should be going Obama's way", is there any bad sign for John McCain? Just a little one? I did enjoy this bit of totally useless worrisome signage:

The Legacy of LBJ, Jimmy and Bubba. Barack Obama would have been a trailblazer no matter what – but the Democrats’ trail to the White House has been remarkably narrow since 1960, accommodating only southern whites with border-state strength: Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. (Add Al Gore if you’re counting the popular vote.)

Can I point out that since 1976, the only successful Republican presidential tickets have had someone named "George Bush" on them? How about that, McCain? Hmm? HMMM?

Oh, I forgot, we're only allowed to read Obama's tea leaves. Dammit.