Notice anything odd in the screenshot above?

I suppose Google isn't technically mistaking Obama for Dennis Haysbert; it's a link to a story about how McCain thinks President Palmer is the best fictional President.

Meanwhile, the story it's accidentally illustrating takes the Lieberman trainwreck to a new level.

“The last few days, four or five days, we’ve seen one of the most unexpected crises in the world as the Russians moved into Georgia as aggressors. And if you read the statements from the beginning, Senator McCain and Senator Obama, one had kind of moral neutrality to it that comes I think from inexperience,” Lieberman said. “The other, Senator McCain, was strong and clear and principled and put America where America always wants to be.”

Except in the way it isn't:

Additionally, it should be noted that Obama’s initial statement was actually very similar in tone to Dana Perino’s White House statement Friday in which she said, “we urge restraint on all sides - that violence would be curtailed and that direct dialogue could ensue in order to help resolve their differences.”

Whatever, Joe.

Update: Kick Lieberman the fuck out already. I'm all for avoiding lockstep partisanship, but Joe Lieberman is an albatross wrapped in a quisling wrapped in an anti-personnel mine.